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ConstructionProviding the best deliverables that meet your needs


We construct the general slope countermeasure works such as landslide prevention works. And we also undertake digging underground water wells and construct the environmentally friendly water-sprinkling / non-water-sprinkling snow melting facilities that effectively utilize underground water and geothermal heat. In our recent technology development, we invented "Karuwaza Sakkun". This simplified drilling system is very useful for preventing sediment disasters in residential land development sites and drilling in the sites where is in urgent such as slope disaster sites. The salient feature of this method is to be able to drill quickly at low cost when drilling depth is relatively shallow or where the transportation and installation of a typical drilling machine is difficult due to space etc.

we consider natural environment such as ecosystems and landscapes based on the characteristics of regions. And we strive to further improve our skills in the rapidly changing technological innovations and respond to the needs of the times with well-prepared management and promptness.

Landslide prevention works


Landslide prevention works include the restraint works that restrain landslide fluctuations by changing natural conditions such as topography and groundwater, and the deterrence works that deter landslides by directly adding resistance to the landslide mass that is going to slide by mean of structures such as steel pipe piles, anchors and so on.

As the restraint works, we construct the horizontal boring works that drain shallow groundwater, the water collecting and drainage boring works that bore catchment wells and drain groundwater from it, the landslide head removal works that remove the load of landslide head, and the embankment works that construct embankment at the ends of landslides.

As the deterrent works, we construct the anchor works which aim to counteract landslides by fixing anchors in a stable ground and utilizing the tensile strength of steel cables fixed to anchors. And we also construct the steel pipe pile works that directly resist sliding by inserting steel pipes to immovable ground to add shear resistance force and bending resistance force to landslide.

Slope protection works


Slope protection works aim to stabilize slopes by covering its surfaces that appeared due to cutting and embankment works.

In this works, we carry out following methods:

“Slope greening method” that plants vegetation to the slopes of cut/embankment, maintains the stability of its growth base as necessary and manages the grown vegetation.

“Slope protection method” that uses the structures such as crib works, mortar / concrete spraying works, and reinforcing bar insertion works.

The method that combines the structure method and the planting method.

Grout works


Grout works is a method of injecting a solidification agent (grout) into underground cracks, gaps, cavities, and into or around structures. This is mainly for the purpose of waterproofing or strengthening of ground or integrating structures.

Surveys and DesignFor safe and reliable social infrastructure


To deal with wide range of needs, we conduct the surveys and designs such as the efficient and reliable maintenance of social infrastructure: roads, rivers and so on, and renewal of aging facilities.

On the other hand, toward developing safe and reliable social infrastructure, we conduct field surveys, monitoring, observations, proposing and designing countermeasure methods against slope collapses and falling rocks which are caused by heavy rains and earthquakes which have been increasing in recent years.

In addition, we provide services with our high skills for the inspections for social infrastructure, diagnostic surveys, and the renewal designs of social infrastructure that has deteriorated and renewal due coming.

We will continue to provide the services that adopt changing social needs by further improving our high skill cultivated through years of experience.

Soft ground analyses


We figure out the behavior of soft ground and consider appropriate measures.

To comprehend the amount of soft ground subsiding and the time required for consolidation, it is necessary to clarify its properties and characteristics. In addition to boring surveys, we collect target soil from ground without disturbing and conduct indoor soil tests. Even if collecting samples is difficult, we can analyze from standard values. Based on its analysis results, we propose appropriate soft ground countermeasure works.

Road, River and Structure design


We propose the construction methods for cut and embankment slopes, natural slopes, rivers, etc. that can be expected to have continuous effects with applicable technology and reasonable costs

Groundwater / Hydrological surveys


To clarify the circulation mechanism and quantitative evaluation of water in a target area, it is necessary to understand information on the flow of water. We measure groundwater level, flow direction and velocity to obtain more detailed groundwater information.

Other measurements


We create elevation data, topographical maps, vertical and cross section views etc. which are necessary to design countermeasure works. Moreover, we carry out land measurements and aerial photographing.

Coping with Disasters


We propose landslide monitoring and the emergency measures for unstable slopes after landslides has occurred or signs of landslides are observed. If necessary, we rush to the sites of large-scale disasters and summarize its findings concerning the occurrence mechanism and emergency measures etc.

Soil surveys


Since we conduct soil tests by ourselves, we can respond quickly.

Disaster PreventionTo Protect infrastructures, livelihoods, and lives of people


We engage in business related to landslide. Landslides are often caused by earthquakes, snow melting and extreme weather such as heavy rain. They damage houses, roads, rivers, farmlands, forests, etc., and have tremendous impact on people's livelihoods.

We prepare the survey plans for such landslides, conduct the surveys and analyses, design countermeasures, and provide advice on the procedures of constructing landslide prevention works and ensuring safety.

As the countermeasures after landslides occur, we propose appropriate monitoring systems and other non-structural measures if there is a risk of damage spreading.

In addition, we are commissioned to draw up documents based on the national law “Sediment Disasters Prevention Act” from local government. Concretely, we form data that appoints the district where is possible to be damaged when landslides occur. we assist preparation of the documents for applications for designation of landslide prevention area, the documents for judgement of landslide occurrence, and the procedures for designation of sediment disaster warning area based on the Sediment Disasters Prevention Act. In recent years, we also conduct the inspection for the maintenance and management of landslide prevention facilities, and plan and design renewal for aging facilities.

Sand erosion control and landslide surveys


We conduct the sand erosion control surveys in mountain streams and the surveys in landslide areas.

To predict landslides, improve warning and evacuation systems, and design prevention works through slope stability analyses, it is necessary to clarify the mechanism and characteristics of landslide occurrence. Therefore, we survey topography, geology and groundwater in landslide areas, and landslide behavior. The landslide surveys include surface geological surveys, boring surveys, borehole camera surveys, groundwater logging, groundwater tracking, the soil tests of sliding surface, and landslide dynamics observations.

Designing of Slope countermeasure works


Basic surveys based on the Sediment Disasters Prevention Act


Comprehensive analyses


We demonstrate the mechanism of landslide occurrences based on landslide block classification, the position of sliding, soil mechanics properties, groundwater condition, etc. We identify destabilized slopes by earthquake response analyses based on anticipated seismic motions. In addition, utilizing 3D data, we create geological maps and conduct landslide collapse simulations and groundwater analyses, and we also conduct 3D model analyses by using GIS.

Maintenance and management of facilities


We inspect soil erosion control facilities, landslide prevention facilities, and slope protection works, and prepare plans for extending the life span of facilities and proposing the methods for maintaining and repairing.


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