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We conserve nature
for the future

Construction Department


In addition to slope countermeasures work such as landslide prevention work, we conduct drilling of groundwater wells and we construct environmentally friendly spraying / non-spraying snow melting equipment that effectively utilizes underground water and underground heat.

Survey and Design Department


We conduct various surveys and analyzes related to landslide occurrence mechanism, basic survey based on Sediment Disasters Prevention Act, maintenance and administration of landslide countermeasure facilities / prevention facilities, UAV based survey, etc.

Disaster Prevention Department


We prepare survey plans for landslides, conduct surveys and analysis, design countermeasures, prepare working procedures for preventing landslides, and offer advice for ensuring safety during work

Research and Development

We develop and operate programs related to earthquake response analysis of slopes, cracking and flooding analysis of natural dams, behavior analysis of collapsed earth and sand and snow avalanches, and tsunami analysis associated with the plunging of landslide mass into reservoirs.
In addition to the programs developed so far, we develop various technologies that meet the requirements of the society.

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Patents and Utility Models


In addition "Karuwaza Sakkun", simplified drilling system that allows doing drilling work at places where it is normally difficult to do drilling, this site introduces patents and utility models owned by Okuyama Boring Co., Ltd.


8:30 〜 17:30(Close on Saturday,Sunday,Public holiday)
8:30 〜 17:30(Close on Saturday,Sunday,Public holiday)