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We mainly construct slope countermeasure works such as landslide prevention works. In addition, we drill groundwater wells and construct the environmentally friendly water-sprinkling / non-water-sprinkling snow melting facilities that effectively utilizes underground water and underground heat.

Surveys and Design


We conduct the surveys and analyses related to landslide occurrence mechanism, the surveys based on Sediment Disaster Prevention Act, the maintenance and management of landslide countermeasure facilities / prevention facilities, the surveys utilizing UAV, etc.

Disaster Prevention


Against landslides, we provide advice on planning the surveys, conducting the surveys and analyses, designing the countermeasures, and the procedures for landslide prevention works and ensuring safety.

Research and Development

We operate the programs related to the seismic response analyses of slopes, the landslide dam collapse / flood analyses, the behavior analyses of collapsed sediment and avalanches, and the tsunami analyses related to the intrusion of moving soil into a reservoir.

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Patent and Utility Model


Introducing the patents and utility models owned by Okuyama Boring Co., Ltd., including the simplified drilling system "KARUWAZA SAKKUN" that enables boring works in places that are normally difficult to drill.


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8:30 〜 17:30(Close on Saturday,Sunday,Public holiday)
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